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Red Barn Wedding Photography | Charlotte & Ewan

I met with Charlotte and Ewan back at the start of the year when we discussed what they were looking for from their wedding photography. A laid back couple that wanted discrete documentation of their wedding day at The Red Barn in Surrey with as little intrusion as possible. Perfect!

I started off the morning covering the bridal preparations at Charlottes parents house. Greeted with a much welcome cup of coffee, there was a wonderful atmosphere in the house, very calm and very relaxed. The car taking Charlotte to the ceremony happened to be a stunning old Rolls Royce that was once owned by her Grandfather! A lovely surprise for both her and her Grandma.

Due to the M25 being shut and causing more than just a little bit of traffic chaos, the ceremony was pushed back a little to allow people to get there. For some couples this would probably cause untold stress but Charlotte and Ewan just took it all in their stride. The epitome of the phrase ‘just go with the flow’ and the sort of people it is an utter pleasure to shoot for. Following a lovely ceremony, it was back in the Rolls Royce and over to The Red Barn in Lingfield.

I’d not been to The Red Barn before, it’s a 300 year old barn and it was absolutely stunning inside, enhanced beautifully by all the hand made decorations. Brilliant speeches, a guest visit from Sooty, Sweep and Sue, a little bit of chatting and mingling, some paper hat making and it was soon time for the dancing. A cracking band saw the dance floor packed straight away and it stayed that way for the remainder of the evening.

I’ve been incredibly lucky this year with some really fantastic weddings and Charlotte and Ewans was no exception. A real pleasure to be there to document.

If you are getting married in Surrey and are looking for a documentary wedding photographer, please get in touch, I’d be delighted to have a chat! Meanwhile, here is a small selection of some of my favourites from the day and please feel free to leave comments in the section below!

Red-Barn-Wedding-001 Red-Barn-Wedding-002 Red-Barn-Wedding-003 Red-Barn-Wedding-004 Red-Barn-Wedding-005 Red-Barn-Wedding-006 Red-Barn-Wedding-007 Red-Barn-Wedding-008 Red-Barn-Wedding-009 Red-Barn-Wedding-010 Red-Barn-Wedding-011 Red-Barn-Wedding-012 Red-Barn-Wedding-013 Red-Barn-Wedding-014 Red-Barn-Wedding-105 Red-Barn-Wedding-016 Red-Barn-Wedding-017 Red-Barn-Wedding-018 Red-Barn-Wedding-019 Red-Barn-Wedding-020 Red-Barn-Wedding-021 Red-Barn-Wedding-022 Red-Barn-Wedding-023 Red-Barn-Wedding-024 Red-Barn-Wedding-025 Red-Barn-Wedding-026 Red-Barn-Wedding-027 Red-Barn-Wedding-028 Red-Barn-Wedding-029 Red-Barn-Wedding-030 Red-Barn-Wedding-031 Red-Barn-Wedding-032 Red-Barn-Wedding-033 Red-Barn-Wedding-034 Red-Barn-Wedding-035 Red-Barn-Wedding-036 Red-Barn-Wedding-037 Red-Barn-Wedding-038 Red-Barn-Wedding-039 Red-Barn-Wedding-040 Red-Barn-Wedding-041 Red-Barn-Wedding-042 Red-Barn-Wedding-043 Red-Barn-Wedding-044 Red-Barn-Wedding-045 Red-Barn-Wedding-046 Red-Barn-Wedding-047 Red-Barn-Wedding-048 Red-Barn-Wedding-049 Red-Barn-Wedding-050 Red-Barn-Wedding-051 Red-Barn-Wedding-052 Red Barn Wedding Photography Red-Barn-Wedding-054 Red-Barn-Wedding-055 Red-Barn-Wedding-056 Red-Barn-Wedding-057 Red-Barn-Wedding-058 Red-Barn-Wedding-059 Red-Barn-Wedding-060 Red-Barn-Wedding-061 Red-Barn-Wedding-062 Red-Barn-Wedding-063 Red-Barn-Wedding-064 Red-Barn-Wedding-065 Red-Barn-Wedding-066 Red-Barn-Wedding-067 Red-Barn-Wedding-068 Red-Barn-Wedding-069 Red-Barn-Wedding-070 Red-Barn-Wedding-071 Red-Barn-Wedding-072 Red-Barn-Wedding-073 Red Barn Wedding Photography Red-Barn-Wedding-075 Red-Barn-Wedding-076
Red-Barn-Wedding-104 Red-Barn-Wedding-078 Red-Barn-Wedding-079 Red-Barn-Wedding-080 Red-Barn-Wedding-081 Red-Barn-Wedding-082 Red-Barn-Wedding-083 Red-Barn-Wedding-084 Red-Barn-Wedding-085 Red-Barn-Wedding-086 Red-Barn-Wedding-087 Red-Barn-Wedding-088 Red-Barn-Wedding-089 Red-Barn-Wedding-090 Red-Barn-Wedding-091 Red-Barn-Wedding-092 Red-Barn-Wedding-093 Red-Barn-Wedding-094 Red-Barn-Wedding-095 Red-Barn-Wedding-096 Red-Barn-Wedding-097 Red-Barn-Wedding-098 Red-Barn-Wedding-099 Red-Barn-Wedding-100 Red-Barn-Wedding-101 Red Barn Wedding Photography Red-Barn-Wedding-102

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