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North Hidden Barn Wedding | Nakita & James

What an amazing day for Nakita and James’ North Hidden Barn Wedding near Hungerford last month! Great people, a stunning campervan, dramatic clouds, sunshine, rainbows, superman socks (a first for me, I’ve never seen socks with capes before!), surfboards and croquet. It certainly wasn’t your average wedding!

We started off with the bridal prep at Nakita’s parents house and she looked fabulous! It was also a lovely surprise to see Helen (sister and bridesmaid at Rosie & Phils wedding at Ufton Court a few years ago) again! From there, Nakita headed off in a beautiful split screen VW Campervan to the ceremony at St Nicolas Church in Newbury.

After the ceremony there was a short reception in the hall next to the church before we all headed over the the Hidden North Barn! Set right out in the countryside, it was a gorgeous venue and had some pretty dramatic views as we watched big dark storm clouds rolling in and around us. Thankfully, they seemed to skirt around the barn all afternoon and most of it was spent basking in glorious sunshine! Drinks were consumed, croquet was played, the campervan was rightly admired, all in all it was a lovely afternoon.

The wedding breakfast carving was in the hands of James and a few select others and was followed by some great speeches, with some handy DIY hints, tips and tools for James. The band set up and the first dance commenced before they were joined by lots of guests. Lots of laughter, lots of smiles, it pretty much summed the whole day up.

As always, below is my take on the day, there’s quite a few images as it was one of those days that was impossible to narrow down! If you’re getting married at North Hidden Barn and want to have a chat about wedding photography, please get in touch! In the meantime, enjoy the images, please feel free to leave a comment or a ‘like’ at the end of the post!

Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-001 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-002 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-003 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-004 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-005 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-006 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-007 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-008 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-009 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-010 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-011 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-012 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-013 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-014 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-015 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-016 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-017 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-018 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-019 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-020 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-021 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-022 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-023 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-024 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-025 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-026 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-027 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-028 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-029 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-030 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-031 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-032 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-033 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-034 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-035 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-036 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-037 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-038 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-039 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-040 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-041 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-042 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-043 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-044 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-045 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-046 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-047 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-048 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-049 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-050 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-051 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-052 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-053 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-054 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-055 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-056 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-057 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-058 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-059 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-060 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-061 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-062 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-063 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-064 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-065 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-066 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-067 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-068 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-069 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-070 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-071 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-072 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-073 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-074 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-075 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-076 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-077 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-078 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-079 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-080 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-081 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-082 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-083 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-084 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-085 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-086 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-087 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-088 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-089 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-090 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-091 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-092 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-093 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-094 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-095 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-096 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-097 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-098 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-099 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-100 Wedding-At-North-Hidden-Barn-101

  • Lorn McVean - January 4, 2015 - 1:42 pm

    Hello, Please can you tell me how I contact North Hidden Barn to enquire about weddings there?

  • Claire - September 11, 2015 - 11:23 am

    Such beautiful photos :) I especially love the barns, reminds me of my wedding at Combe Manor. Have you done any photoshoots there?

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