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An Engagement Shoot in a London Bookstore | Kate & Tim

For me, the engagement shoot is a fantastic time to get to know a couple before their big day. We get to hang out for a couple of hours, chat, get some photos and generally just have a bit of fun. What makes the whole thing even better is when it is somewhere that has a special meaning for the couple, especially if it is somewhere a little unusual. For Kate & Tim, books and literature are a huge part of their lives, it is how they met, it is how Kate makes a living and it is a big part of the theme of their wedding, so a shoot in a bookshop made a lot of sense! We met up on a lovely Saturday morning at Skoob, a fantastic bookshop sort of hidden away in the Brunswick Centre (after a narrowly averted hair crisis for Tim!). Normally, with engagement shoots, I start off by trying to give people a little space, just to get used to being in front of the camera. In a bookshop, there is no space! As such I think Kate and Tim did fantastically well – no doubt helped by their great sense of humour – and I think we got some great shots of the two of them. I am really looking forward to their wedding next month, I reckon it will be a heck of a lot of fun!

Finally, to the pictures:

Collage of external shots of Skoob Bookstore in London
Engagement shoot in Skoob Bookstore, London
Photos from an Engagement shoot in a bookstore in London
An engagement shoot in a London bookstore

One last set – a selection of the books that seemed to catch the attention of Kate and Tim!

Books found during an engagement shoot in a bookshop in London

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